What Would A Parallel Universe Be Like?

What Would A Parallel Universe Be Like?

Many scientists believe we're living in a multiverse—just one universe among many others. What would it be like to see another universe? Explore this idea in the video below.

What Would A Parallel Universe Even Be Like?

If parallel universes do in fact exist, here are the chances one might contain a parallel you.

Do Parallel Universes Exist?

Find out how theoretical this theory is.

The True Science Of Parallel Universes

Here's how parallel universes might work.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    Bubble universes or baby black hole universes is the basic idea that there are parts of the universe so far, we'll never see them. (1:14)

  • 2

    Physicists still don't quite understand how the collapse of the wavefunction in quantum mechanics happens. (2:47)

  • 3

    The many worlds multiverse theory may be tested very soon. (4:01)

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