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What Would A Black Hole Look Like?

What Would A Black Hole Look Like?

Black holes are astronomical bodies millions of times the mass of our sun that absorb all light and matter in their vicinity. We know this despite the fact that we've never actually seen one. Modern astronomers can identify the location of a black hole based on the havoc they wreak on the stuff around them. That doesn't mean there will never be a day when we could capture black holes with a high-powered telescope, however. Explore what that image might look like.

What Do Black Holes Look Like?

We've seen them -- sort of.

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Why Do Black Holes Glow?

If black holes absorb all light, why do they shine?

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. At the heart of a black hole is the singularity, a region of highly compressed matter. 01:44

  2. Light inside the event horizon of a black hole cannot escape. 02:47

  3. Excess gas, dust, and material gather around black holes in disks that heat up and glow. 03:34

Here's What It's Like Inside A Black Hole

Explore what a black hole would do to you.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Black holes have a density so great that it's gravitational pull won't allow light to escape. 00:35

  2. A gravitational field warps space and time. 04:04

  3. As your body falls further into the black hole, it would go through the process of spaghettification. 05:46

Is It Possible to Photograph A Black Hole?

Someday we might be able to see a black hole with a telescope. But how?

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Creating A Black Hole For Hollywood

How one physicist helped Interstellar closely match reality.

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