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What We Can Learn From Our Genes

When we look closely, what are our genes trying to tell us? Nearly 25 years ago, an international group of scientists started The Human Genome Project. It was an ambitious, multibillion-dollar project that sought to map the whole of the human genome—a huge leap forward in understanding our genetics, the roots of genetic diseases, and how best to treat them. By 2001, scientists had a rough draft of the human genome, and in 2003 the project was declared complete.

The effectiveness of the project has been questioned, but one thing is for sure: The last three decades have seen unprecedented leaps forward in science's knowledge about genes, what they can tell us about how and why our bodies work in certain ways, and how we can use that knowledge to help people. This playlist takes a look at what we can learn from our genes, from simple information like blood types and genetic conditions, to leading edge gene therapy solutions.

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