What Strange Things Have Been "Spotted" On Mars?

What Strange Things Have Been "Spotted" On Mars?

Have you heard there are pyramids on Mars? What about a teddy bear, a face, or a snake? As long as NASA has been snapping images of planets' surfaces, people have been spotting irregularities that resemble earthly objects. Are they real, or is this search for patterns akin to seeing familiar shapes in the clouds?

UFO Enthusiasts Spot A Snake On Mars

In the photos sent back by the Curiosity rover, some people think they see a reptile slithering through the Martian rocks.

Morse Code Spotted On Mars

Do these strange patterns on the surface of Mars look like morse code to you?

God's Face Spotted On Mars

Some people think this rock looks like a face.

Why Do We See Faces In Objects?

It's just the way our brains are wired.

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