What Really Killed The Dinosaurs?

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Take a trip back in time to over 65 million years ago and you'd likely encounter some creatures you've never seen in real life before: the dinosaurs. We can tell through the study of fossil records genealogical remnants of dinosaurs remain in the animal kingdom today by way of birds and crocodiles, but what happened to all the big guys? Did an asteroid beam down upon the Earth at such a high rate of speed it decimated the species instantly? Was there a gradual freeze-over, leading to an ice age that killed off the dinosaurs? Finding the exact answer has been the task of scientists around the world for decades.

The results of those studies more and more suggest the true culprit of the dinosaurs' demise was none other than pure bad luck. That's not to say an asteroid didn't occur, but researchers argue an incident like that would more likely be a final straw than a defining moment. Yet there's much more work to be done when it comes to investigating one of history's biggest events. Dive into this playlist and decide for yourself: what happened to the dinosaurs?

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