What Lives In The Deepest Place On Earth?

If you've ever gone scuba diving, you've likely explored ocean depths of around 40 meters (130 feet). That's pretty impressive, but what about 11 kilometers (36,089+ feet) under the ocean? "Whoa" is right. Only three people have ever dived this deep, and one name might sound familiar: James Cameron, anyone? In 2012, he visited the deepest known place on Earth—the Mariana Trench. So, what life exists in a place that's darker and colder than you could possibly imagine? Watch the following video to find out.

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Life Exists In The Mariana Trench

According to a 2013 paper in Nature Geoscience, there may be 10 million microbes per cubic centimeter in the seafloor sediment.

The Deepest Hole In The World, And What We've Learned From It

It plummets more than 12 kilometers into the Earth (so don't fall).

Written by Curiosity Staff

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