What Is Your Poop Telling You About Your Health?

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It's a fact of life-everyone poops. But not all poop is the same. In fact, the qualities of your bowel movements can tell you a lot about your general health. A healthy bowel movement will occur about one to three times per day, and it will be smooth, soft, and well-formed, as well as medium to dark brown in color. If your stool is too soft, it may mean you have diarrhea. If it is too hard, it may mean you are constipated. Causes of constipation can range from a change in routine while traveling, pregnancy, dieting, a lack of exercise, and more. Hard stools may be corrected by adding fiber to your diet, reducing the amount of low-fiber foods you eat, drinking more water, and listening to your body when you have an urge to use the restroom.

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