What Is The Mysterious "Natural Flavor" In La Croix?

The no-calorie, no-sugar, fizzy canned beverage known as LaCroix has recently spiked in popularity. (Be honest, you already drank at least one today, didn't you?) It's a simple recipe: just H2O, CO2, and natural flavor. But if the nutritional labels read zeroes all the way down, where does this "natural flavor" come from? Well, "natural" doesn't mean a darn thing when it comes to food packaging. Learn more about LaCroix's ambiguously labeled "essence" is an enduring mystery in the video below.

The Enduring Mystery Of What Is In LaCroix

It's a simple, mysterious, and seriously popular drink. But you probably have no idea what's really in it.

That "Natural" Label On Your Food Means Nothing

The FDA has no regulations on what is natural and what is not.

How To Make Fizzy Drinks Even Fizzier

A more bubbly LaCroix?! Yes, please.

Written by Curiosity Staff December 19, 2016

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