What Is The Future Of Drone Tech?

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Many in the tech industry say we've just begun to scratch the surface when it comes to drones. In their initial introduction to the world, drones have been mainly consumer-focused. But what's next for them? The future of drones for business is promising and exciting for many companies. The U.S. drone maker 3D Robotics, which is one of the world's biggest drone makers, is looking to the future of enterprise drones by creating a high-end version of their Solo drone. This drone could essentially 3D scan and map the Earth. For commercial purposes, this drone could upload 3D maps and models of construction sites, bridges, and more directly to the cloud while in the air, in real-time.

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Drones May Soon Help Us Map The Earth

Drones are already being used to create extremely accurate 3D maps.

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Using Drones To Protect Nature

These drones are being used to protect endangered species across the globe.

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