What is Human Intelligence?

What is Human Intelligence?

What are factors that affect human intelligence? This may sound like a stupid question, but intelligence isn't an easy thing to explain or summarize. It may not even be one single thing. One intelligent person might be able to explain the nature and behavior of atoms, another might understand the complexities of the situation in the Middle East, and a third might be able to reason their way out of a tight situation when they're in trouble.

Which of those is true intelligence? Is intelligence something we are born with, or something we develop through education? Is being smart the same thing as being intelligent, and are people as smart as we think we are? Intelligence can mean many things to many people, and we've been clever enough to gather some of those explanations in this playlist.


Key Facts In This Video

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    The "G-Factor" is a theoretical explanation of what defines intelligence. (1:47)

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    Emotional intelligence is just one of many factors influencing a person's overall intelligence. (6:48)

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    The original formula for figuring out a person's IQ was their mental age divided by their chronological age, then multiplied by 100. (9:13)


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