What If You Were Born Without Sympathy or Empathy?

Do you know the difference between sympathy and empathy? Sympathy is when you feel compassion or pity for someone else, whereas empathy is when you actually put yourself in that person's shoes and actually feel the emotions they're experiencing. Scientists generally agree that we're born with the basics of these two emotions, though there's plenty of "nurture" that's required to make that "nature" meet its potential. But what if you were born without sympathy or empathy at all? Explore the idea in the video below.

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What If You're Born Without Sympathy & Empathy?

What's The Difference Between Empathy And Sympathy?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Empathy fuels connection, whereas sympathy can drive disconnection. 00:14

  2. Hear the four qualities of empathy: 00:29

  3. A sympathetic response often unhelpfully searches for silver linings. 01:42

Explaining the Empathy Switch in Psychopaths

Written by Curiosity Staff April 7, 2017

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