What Happens When You Break the Sound Barrier?

In the early days of air travel, planes faced a problem. The tips of their propellers were going faster than the speed of sound, and there was a risk that they could become unstable and rip apart in the air. That left engineers with a question: was it possible for a plane to fly at supersonic speeds without disintegrating? What about for a pilot to fly that fast? They created a plane to test their theory, and made the sky their laboratory. Hear about the exciting test in the video below.

What Happens When You Break the Sound Barrier?

When Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier, he thought there must be something wrong with his instruments.

Why Is A Sonic Boom So Loud?

We've established there's no wall to punch through, so what exactly is happening?

The Future Of Air Travel

Could supersonic flight again become a reality?

Written by Curiosity Staff February 1, 2017

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