What Happens to an Email After You Click "Send"

With so many forms of communication nowadays, it may come as a surprise that email still reigns supreme—people send 10 times more emails than texts. But have you ever wondered what happens to your rant about Thomas Edison after you press send and before your recipient's "you've got mail" alert? (Okay, we're pretty sure that doesn't happen anymore.) Watch the following video to learn about email headers and the "hello" command, then learn more about electronic communication.

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The Magical Process That Delivers An Email To Your Inbox

Humans still send more than 2 million emails every second.

Need A Favor? Skip Email, Ask IRL

Think twice before you send that email asking your colleague for a favor. Making the request in person has a whopping 70 percent success rate.

Discover the best way to ask for favors arrow_forward

Written by Curiosity Staff January 20, 2017

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