What Does A Four-Dimensional Shape Look Like?

What Does A Four-Dimensional Shape Look Like?

Trying to visualize a four-dimensional shape isn't easy, as we exist in three dimensions. Drawing a picture of a four-dimensional cube, or tesseract, is a much harder task than determining its properties (16 points, 32 edges, 24 faces). However, certain mathematicians have to deal with four-dimensional shapes often, and have created illustrations to stand in for these otherworldly objects.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    There are 16 points on the four-dimensional analog of a cube. (1:15)

  • 2

    In Paris, architects have attempted to build a giant four-dimensional cube. (2:11)

  • 3

    See a virtual representation of a four-dimensional cube, also called a tesseract: (3:05)

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