What Do Tattoos Say About People and Culture?

What Do Tattoos Say About People and Culture?

Veterans, African tribes, and that punk kid down the street: What do these people have in common? They, and many others, have likely shared in the time-honored tradition of tattooing, an ink art form dating back thousands of years. In some cultures, tattoos signify the passage into adulthood. In others, they can represent the loss of a loved one. And although getting inked can be traced back through the ages, the evolution of art, culture and self-expression has opened doors for the modern tattoo to take flight.

For example, 36 percent of millennials report having at least one tattoo, with that number rising to 40 percent for Generation X-ers. But how do you decide what to get, and where? Are prison tattoos a real trend? Explore these videos to learn the ins, outs, and ouches of the art of tattooing.

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