What Can Happen With You And Your Body After Death?

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Burying the dead in elaborate caskets for cemeteries is taking up more and more land. Due to the energy requirements and pollution-generation, cremation may not be a very eco-friendly option. Jae Rhim Lee and Mike Ma have created the Infinity Burial Suit to provide a new eco-friendly post-mortem solution. Also known as the Mushroom Death Suit, this jumpsuit covers the entire corpse and is embroidered with threads that are infused with mushroom spores. Once the body begins to decompose, the mushroom sprout and feed off the decomposing corpse. These mushrooms also helps to neutralize many of the environmental contaminants in the body.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The mushroom burial suit won the 2013 design for death competition at a funeral director convention in Austin, Texas. 00:13

  2. The Mushroom Burial Suit is embroidered with edible mushrooms to help decompose a body. 00:27

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