Welcome To A Tiny Micronation In The Nevada Desert

Welcome To A Tiny Micronation In The Nevada Desert

In 1977, then 15-year-old Kevin Baugh and his friend decided to start their own country. Because.... why not? The self-declared micronation (which is not formally recognized by the United States) came to be known as the Republic of Molossia, and thirty-nine years after its inception, Baugh is still the sitting president. Over the years, the micronation -- which sits on 6.3 acres in the desert of Dayton, Nevada -- has grown to a population of 32, with its own post office, bank, currency and time zone. Molossia isn't meant to be taken too seriously; its existence is arguably more of an exercise in free speech and creativity than politics. But the micronation is happy to accept tourists (as long as they make an appointment), and will provide a stamp for a visitor's passport. And while the micronation is small, its people did once receive a Christmas card from President Obama. Citizens here pay taxes to the U.S., but they call it "foreign aid."

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