We Will Never Be Able To Perfectly Predict The Weather

It may seem like modern technology and meteorology should have a firm grip on future weather, but in reality, weather has too many variables to ever be fully predictable. Small changes in air currents, pressure, and heat can cause events to take surprising turns. But, even though chaos theory prevents us from becoming storm psychics, we can try to use our knowledge of it to develop more accurate prediction methods. For example, meteorologists now create ensemble forecasts, which are groups of several potential forecasts based on slight differences in factors at the start of each.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Because of the universe's inherent chaos and quantum uncertainty, there will never be a perfectly accurate weather forecast. 00:35

  2. The double-pendulum experiment is a reliable demonstration of chaos theory. 01:11

  3. There are 10 to the 44th power air molecules on Earth. 02:04

Written by Curiosity Staff December 23, 2015

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