Ways Your Brain and Feelings Influence Each Other

The human brain is a remarkable bit of hardware. It helps us to interpret the world around us, regulates our bodies, keeps track of our memories, maintains and makes sense of our senses, and much more. One of its most important responsibilities is to drive our emotions, creating and leading a lot of the hormonal and electrical impulses that make us think and feel certain ways.

When you're upset about something and your mother tells you to snap out of it because it's all in your head, she's half right. A lot of your emotions certainly start in your head, but the interaction between our brains and our feelings is a great deal more complex than simple cause and effect. In some ways, they're partners in crime, working together to make us feel like we're capable of anything. In other instances, their relationship can potentially be problematic. Check out this playlist to discover how your brain and your feelings deeply influence one another.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Humans have difficulty with blocking stress hormones and can become overwhelmed. 00:27

  2. Brain cells are heavily affected by stress, including a decrease in cell size. 01:37

  3. Stress can accelerate the shortening of telomeres, effectively speeding up the aging process. 01:59

Key Facts In This Video

  1. People decide their initial physical attraction to someone in as little as 200 milliseconds. 00:23

  2. As you get to know someone and fall in love, the concoction of hormones in your brain changes and elicits different feelings and responses. 02:23

  3. The scientific term for a break up is "frustration attraction." 03:11

Written by Curiosity Staff October 1, 2014

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