Watch Dutch People Take Drugs In The Name Of Science

Disclaimer: Curiosity doesn't condone the use of illegal substances. Now that that's out of the way... a YouTube channel exists where beautiful Dutch people educate their viewers on the effects of different drugs, by taking them.

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Experience Drugs Without The Crash

We know our readers are curious, so we're fairly certain you've pondered the effects of drugs like oxycontin, LSD, or even pure caffeine. The creators of Drugslab are here to answer your questions without the risk of arrest or addiction. Each week, Rens Polman, Nellie Benner, and Bastiaan Rosman videotape each other taking different drugs and document their reactions.

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Yes, they actually take drugs on camera—for science. According to the A.V. Club, this educational YouTube channel is produced in association with Dutch public television show Spuiten En Slikken, "an educational program about sex and drugs that's been proving the Netherlands is much cooler than America since 2005." If people are going to try recreational drugs anyway, why not educate them with real life examples?

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When In The Netherlands (And Nowhere Else)

The videos begin with a thorough explanation of each drug, followed by one of the Drugslab administrators taking said drug. They often have hallucinations, dance around, or laugh uncontrollably. Each video is then followed up with a postscript describing the comedown from the drug. Most of the drugs they try also come with a "Dos And Don'ts" video to give you your best (and safest) trip. While the videos are surprisingly informative and well-produced, we should note that they're mostly in Dutch. Also, these drugs are still illegal (so don't get any ideas).

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Written by Curiosity Staff February 9, 2017

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