Walk Into An Alcoholic Cloud Bar

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Alcoholic Architecture is the name of the London bar that offers patrons an alcoholic cloud room, where they can absorb alcohol for up to an hour. The cloud is a mixture of spirits and mixer that is pumped into a room with a humidity level of 140%. Before entering the cloud, guests must wear a plastic cape with a hood to keep their clothes and hair from getting wet and smelling of alcohol.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. London is the home of the world's first alcoholic cloud bar. 00:00

  2. Customers of Alcoholic Architecture don't drink; they absorb alcohol through their lungs and eyeballs from a cloud. 00:09

  3. At Alcoholic Architecture, a mixture of spirits and mixer is pumped into a room with a humidity level of 140%. 00:29

Written by Curiosity Staff August 21, 2015

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