Virtual Reality Is So Much More Than Entertainment

When people think of virtual reality, cutting-edge video games and movie-theater gimmicks are usually what come to mind. In fact, virtual reality goes far beyond the realm of entertainment and into practical solutions for human problems. For example, virtual reality has been shown to help people suffering from PTSD. It works as a form of exposure therapy, which has been used to make patients confront their fears and triggers in a safe environment. The therapy is closely monitored so that the patient does not become re-traumatized, and enables them to develop coping mechanisms for the stress. Studies have shown that repeated virtual-reality sessions have greatly diminished PTSD symptoms and overall anxiety in veterans. Delve into the world of virtual reality with the videos below.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

This virtual reality video is actually in virtual reality: try watching it with a VR headset! If you don't have one, watch it on a desktop browser where you can adjust the scene with your mouse.

This Is Your Brain On Virtual Reality

Virtual reality still has some bugs to work out when it comes to how our brains perceive it.

Virtual Reality As Therapy

Find out how virtual reality could help veterans with PTSD.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Virtual reality has been used as a form of exposure therapy to treat soldiers with PTSD. 00:32

  2. During these virtual reality sessions designed to treat PTSD in soldiers, fans blow scents such as body odor and diesel fuel. 00:51

  3. Researchers found that after three weeks of virtual reality therapy, more than half of the subjects reported no more PTSD symptoms. 01:12

The Surprising History of Virtual Reality

If you think virtual reality is a 21st-century phenomenon, think again.

The Next Generation of Virtual Reality

Find out how one team is striving to create a VR headset that doesn't cause motion sickness.

Written by Curiosity Staff July 16, 2016

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