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Venus May Have Been Just Like Earth For BIllions Of Years

Venus May Have Been Just Like Earth For BIllions Of Years

The temperatures on Venus are hot enough to melt lead, and the planet rotates at 60 times the speed of Earth. Though it may be hellish today, Venus probably wasn't always such a scorching hot mess. In fact, scientists now believe that Earth's sister planet may have been habitable for billions of years. The planets are similar in size and density, and about 2.9 billion years ago, they were more similar in climate too. Michael Way of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and his team made these discoveries after they applied the first three-dimensional climate model to an early Venus. This model uses the same computer simulations used to predict human-caused climate change on our planet and found that about 2.9 billion years ago, Venus had a cool climate of around 51°F. Pushing the clock forward to 715 years ago, Venus' climate only rose to around 59°F. The planet was likely able to stay cool and maintain liquid oceans for so long because of clouds. Learn more about the extreme conditions of Venus today in the videos below.

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