Using Your Phone Probably Won't Affect Your Flight

Having your cell phone on during a flight probably won't affect the functionality of navigation technology. There have been no cases of this happening. But that's not to say it's not possible. The real reason you have to put your phone on airplane mode during a flight? The people trying to use their phones down on the ground. Get more details in the video below.

How "Airplane Mode" Affects Flights

For starters, it probably doesn't.

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Is Airplane Turbulence Truly Dangerous?

It certainly can be scary.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The scientific definition of turbulence is the irregular, chaotic, and unpredictable flow of a fluid, such as air or water. 00:29

  2. Mountain ranges create turbulence when they force wind upwards into swirling waves. 01:39

  3. The tips of airplane wings cause vortices of wake turbulence. 02:36

The Future Of Air Travel

Maybe in the future there won't be any "airplane mode."

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Written by Curiosity Staff September 23, 2016