University Of Miami Has The Nation's First Chair For Atheism Studies

The world's newest major religion is no religion. In recent years, more people than ever identify as atheist, agnostic, or non-religious. Following that trend, the University of Miami has established the first academic chair for the study of atheism in the United States. The change came after a wealthy atheist donor named Louis J. Appignani gave the university a $2.2 Million endowment in April of 2016. "I'm trying to eliminate discrimination against atheists," 83-year-old Appignani told The New York Times. "So this is a step in that direction, to make atheism legitimate."

Religion departments are standard facets of universities, but now, teachings of secularism and atheism are creeping into the mix. Scholars say atheism is just now beginning to emerge as an accepted academic field, and Appignani and the University of Miami is evidence of that. Watch these videos to learn more about atheism, and why it's so popular.

Why Is Atheism More Popular Than Ever?

No religion is the new religion.

Misconceptions About Atheism

As explained by philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris.

Written by Curiosity Staff September 13, 2016

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