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Understanding Quantum Mechanics

There are plenty of real-world applications for quantum mechanics you may not realized are at the tips of your fingers, and quantum physics is to thank. Have you ever teased a cat with a stream of hyper-focused, nanoscopic, physical reactions? You probably call this phenomena a laser—but in the world of science, it's a perfect example of quantum mechanics in action. Quantum mechanics is a subsection of physics not many people know much about. Described as a set of scientific rules and properties as strange as they are versatile, quantum mechanics allows subatomic particles to create noise, travel through walls, shape radio waves and frequencies and much more. In fact, without the existence of quantum physics, the sun would explode and our eyes would likely pop out due to unchecked light energy hurling toward Earth. Luckily, quantum mechanics is busy at work regulating the amount of photons entering the atmosphere.

So how do these scientific rules govern everything from radio waves, to internal compasses found in bird brains to our sense of smell? And why don't we know more about what informs the outcomes of quantum reactions? This playlist gives you an inside look into the many ways in which our daily lives are influenced by the invisible, but powerfully awesome, laws of quantum mechanics.

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