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Understand The U.S. Electoral College With Sesame Street's Grover

If there's anything we know from childhood, it's that learning new things is easier when they're taught by a Muppet. Get a primer on the way America's presidential elections happen from Sesame Street's lovable blue monster, Grover.

The Electoral College For Muppets

Grover and Sal Khan explain how the U.S. presidential election works.

What If The Presidential Election Comes Down To A Tie?

Here's what would happen if the electoral college tied.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. If the electoral college is tied the House of Representatives breaks that tie. 00:21

  2. 10 states contain 50% of the countries population but get only 20% of the votes in a tie. 01:01

  3. When there is a tie, the Senate independently independently chooses the Vice President. 02:17

10 Facts About U.S. Presidential Elections

Get ready for a quick primer.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 3, 2016

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