Unconventional Ways to Preserve Your Body After Death

Grieving a loved one can be an intensely emotional process. But what if your friend, family member or pet didn't have to leave this world entirely? For decades, companies have extracted the carbon leftover from skeletal remains after cremation to compress ashes into colorless diamonds. As of 2008, gemologists are now able to add color to these human diamonds, preserving that special someone in an array of colors and cuts. Interestingly, Renaldo Willy, CEO of Swiss ashes-to-diamonds company Algordanza, has said that once the diamond is created, family members often report the stone's natural color resembles the eye color of the deceased. In this way, our loved ones may really seem to be watching over us.

But there are other options for those who don't foresee themselves as precious stones in the after life. Theoretical cryogenic freezing to preserve youth is sought by many who wish to thrive well into the future, and Eternal Reefs helps restore coral reef communities by creating artificial reefs from ashes and concrete. For the financially adventurous and unburdened, between one and seven ounces of remains can be blasted into space. For those who enjoy the simple things, mummification still happens around the world. However you and your loved ones decide to move on from this Earth, it seems there's a unique option for you.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. 70% if England's population is cremated. 00:37

  2. Companies like LifeGem will use chemicals to extract the carbon from your ashes and turn into a diamond. 01:00

  3. Halmstad, Sweden uses their crematorium furnace to power homes in the town.  02:37

Written by Curiosity Staff August 4, 2014

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