Try To Solve The Flower Pot And Mug Puzzle?

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The flower pot and mug riddle doesn't involve numbers, but numbers will help you solve it. This puzzle, included in the book "Fundrum My Conundrum: A Book of Riddles," by Ray Epstein and Ben Kovler, is this: How many mugs balance a flower pot? The puzzle shows a grid of four images. In the first one, a mug and a flower balance with one cat. In the second, one mug and one ear of corn balance with one flower pot. In the third, two cats balance with three ears of corn. How many mugs can you balance with one flower pot? Scroll down to get the answer.


Five mugs can balance with one flower pot. From the diagram, you can figure the following: one mug plus one pot equals one cat. Two mugs and one corn equals one cat. One and a half corns equal one cat. Two mugs equal one half corn. Six mugs equal one cat. One mug plus one pot equals six mugs. Therefore, one pot equals five mugs.

The Flower Math Riddle

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