Try Solving This Puzzle From A 1869 Harvard Admissions Test

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This watch, chain, and locket brain teaser was supposedly part of the Harvard admissions test in 1869 — or so says Presh Talwalkar of the MindYourDecisions math-related YouTube channel. Here's the brain teaser: A man bought a watch, chain, and locket for $216. The watch and locket together cost three times as much as the chain. The chain and locket together cost half as much as the watch. What is the price of each item? Check out the video below to get the solution, or just scroll down to read the answer.


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Can You Solve This Harvard Admissions Question?

It was supposedly given on a 1869 Harvard admissions test.


The watch costs $144, the chain costs $54, and the locket costs $18. To find out how to get these answers, watch the video above.

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