Trained Eagles Take Down Illegal Drones

As drones turn from a high-tech military tool to something any civilian can pick up in the toy aisle, the devices pose a security problem. Faced with the potential for everything from unsafe flights over event crowds to terrorist drone attacks, officials need a way to safely capture the aircrafts without causing them to crash and cause harm on the ground. That's why police in the Netherlands have turned to eagles. The birds catch flying prey in their natural habitats, so training them to capture drones is an easy transition. Plus, they have an extra advantage in their ability to maneuver through windy conditions that often cause problems for the drones themselves. Despite eagles' razor-sharp talons and scaled feet, it's possible for them to be seriously injured by the sharp propellers, so experts are working to develop a form of protection the birds can wear while they work.

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Written by Curiosity Staff June 27, 2016