Tourist Hot Spots Around the World

Tired of the same annual family trip, à la "National Lampoon's Vacation"? Itching to discover the rest of the hidden treasures the world has to offer? This playlist will direct you to choice spots for English fish and chips, point out the must-see views of Vienna, and prepare you for which wines to sip at Martha's Vineyard. Wally World isn't looking so good anymore, is it?

The concept of tourism drives local and global economies, helps facilitate cultural understanding, and enriches the life of the tourist basking in exotic beauty. From standing in the shadow of frozen mountain peaks to zip lining through the lush rain forests of Costa Rica, exploring the 196 counties our big blue planet sustains will likely be worth the airfare. Give a nod to your adventurous spirit and get moving.

Written by Curiosity Staff May 28, 2014

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