To Make A Hikaru Dorodango, You Only Need Dirt And Water

Hikaru dorodango, or "shiny dumplings" in Japanese, are spheres of dirt and mud that have been polished to a beautiful shine. The best ones truly appear to be the works of professional sculptors, but anyone can make a dorodango. In fact, Japanese schoolchildren have been shaping them for years. The practice requires great concentration so that the dorodango doesn't crack, and it takes several hours to create a perfectly shiny sphere. Watch an artist create hikaru dorodango in the following video, then learn about other eclectic hobbies.

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This Artist Transforms Dirt Balls Into Beautiful, Shiny Spheres

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Certain locations, many of which are known for their dairy industry, have competitive mooing contests. 00:31

  2. Tape artists pull the magnetic tape out of cassettes and use it to compose a portrait of the tape's musical artist. 02:54

  3. Hikaru dorodango is the name for a glossy sphere of mud that has been carefully crafted and polished. 05:04

Written by Curiosity Staff March 23, 2016

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