This Waterproof Speaker Brings Alexa into Your Shower


Isn't it funny how you have to psych yourself up to get into the shower, then psych yourself up to get out? When you're lying cozy in bed, standing up in an indoor rainstorm just doesn't sound that appealing. But once you're actually in the shower, it's just too warm and wonderful to even consider getting out. Fortunately, there's a new piece of technology that will make getting in easier. You're on your own when it comes to getting out.

Waterproof Is in the Pudding

So, what can make your morning mission to wash yourself off a little bit easier to stomach? Easy: some tunes. Or a podcast, or an audiobook, or the morning news. All you need is a Bluetooth speaker — specifically a Bluetooth speaker that can handle a little water. That's where Aqua Dew comes in. Just suction it to the tiles and blast your favorite jams for a classic shower singalong.

Of course, Aqua Dew isn't the only waterproof Bluetooth speaker out there. But what really makes it special is the fact that it's the first of its kind to connect with Alexa. As Amazon's virtual personal assistant, Alexa is able to access your entire audio library at the call of her name — not to mention your favorite radio stations, podcasts, and Alexa skills. That means you can DJ your wake-up soundtrack or the day's news from behind the shower curtain. No more setting up your music before you turn on the shower, then having to step out and dry your hands or simply suffer through it when you decide your personal hygiene requires a different bop.

How It Works

Aqua Dew measures about the size of a round bar of soap and comes in white, aqua, blue, or black. It will fit right in with basically any bathroom decor, whether you stick it to the wall or hook it over the towel rack. The battery will give you about eight hours of music when fully charged, enough for more than a month of 10-minute showers (or a few weeks of long, luxurious ones). While its voice commands might be its handiest feature, you can also go manual thanks to the waterproof control buttons.

You don't have to keep the Aqua Dew in your shower, though. Its suction cup makes it perfect for sticking to a ceramic tile, but it also can hook onto a belt loop or backpack to go on the road. It can bump audio at up to 89 decibels — that's basically the same volume of a motorcycle about 25 feet away.

Make It Happen

But like so many things in this world, the Aqua Dew isn't a guarantee. If you want to be able to interact with your Alexa from inside the shower (or your pool party, or even from a run in the rain), you'll have to support the brainiacs behind it on Kickstarter. The Aqua Dew is the first waterproof Alexa far-field speaker, and it could change how you interact with music on a daily basis. Help fund your future shower soundtrack by clicking here.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 14, 2018