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This Robot Proved That It Was Self-Aware

This Robot Proved That It Was Self-Aware

In July of 2015, Professor Selmer Bringsjord presented robots with a classic logic puzzle. The old version of the puzzle goes as follows: three wise men are taken to the king and made to wear hats that they cannot see. The king tells them that the first person to say the color of his hat wins. He also tells them that the contest is fair, and that their hats are either blue or white. The solution, deduced by the winner, is that a fair contest would only include hats of the same color, and therefore his hat is the same color as his comrades' hats. The version of this riddle presented to the robots was different. Scientists programmed three robots to believe that two of them were no longer able to speak. They then asked the robots who could still speak. That one robot spoke up to say, "I don't know," but then amended its answer once it heard its own voice.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. In July 2015, a humanoid robot in New York solved a classic puzzle that demonstrates self-awareness. 01:10

  2. See a robot that can "converse" with a person and store data about them: 07:54

  3. Some scientists argue that robots can never have phenomenological consciousness, defined as the firsthand experience of conscious thought. 10:12

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