This Man Can Sing The Lowest Notes In The World

The man who holds the world record for lowest note can sing a note that only elephants can hear. The name of the record holder is Tim Storms. His voice is so deep, the lowest note he can hit is eight octaves lower than the lowest note on the piano. According to Storms, an ear, nose, and throat doctor observed that his vocal chords were about twice as long as normal, giving him this incredible ability. His lowest note is as low as G-7 (0.189Hz). But that's not his only record: Storms is also the world record holder for largest vocal range.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Tim Storms holds the world record for deepest voice. 00:01

  2. The man with the deepest voice in the world can hit notes lower than the human ear can hear. 00:10

  3. Tim Storms can sing notes eight octaves below the lowest note on the piano. 00:25

Written by Curiosity Staff January 29, 2016

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