This Is Why Ninjas Carried Crickets

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Ninjas used some pretty unconventional items to help them remain silent, sneaky, and deadly. Though not a weapon exactly, ninjas often carried a small box of crickets to mask the sound of their footsteps. Along with that, they would have a special mixture of chemicals to induce chirping from the crickets when needed. Other "weapons" included colored rice-ninjas would pass along secret information with special rice colored to mean different things.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Ninjas are said to have told time by looking at a cat's eyes—the pupils are narrower at midday and wider at dusk. 00:04

  2. Ninjas often carried a small box of crickets—the chirping disguised any stray sound the ninjas made. 01:26

  3. Ninjas would pass along secret information by using different colored rice. 01:46

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