This Is Why Humans Hate Waiting In Line

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It should come as no surprise to hear that humans hate waiting in line. Studies report that people think time spent waiting in line is time wasted, and that they could have used that same time to be productive. To solve this issue, businesses have inserted psychological tricks such as TV screens, mirrors, and candy into the queuing areas of places that often deal with long lines. A survey showed that humans will estimate they waited in line 36 percent longer than they actually did. Learn more about the psychology of waiting in line with these videos.

Why Are You Always In The Slow Line?

This is why it seems everyone else is always moving faster.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Humans hate waiting in line because we view it as time spent wasted that could have been used productively. 00:54

  2. The science behind human hatred for waiting in lines includes: queuing theory, illusory correlation, and just world fallacy. 01:26

  3. One line feeding into multiple cashiers is more efficient than a line for every cashier. 02:56

The Psychology of Waiting

Plus, tips for getting through lines faster.

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