This Is What The Neanderthal Likely Sounded Like

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Though no one can know for sure, researchers have used anatomical clues to piece together what the voice of a Neanderthal may have sounded like. Because the throat of the Neanderthal was much shorter than that of a human, their voices were likely of a higher pitch. Pair this quality with a nasally component-Neanderthal's heavy skull and large nasal cavities would have produced a nasally sound in the voice. And they likely didn't speak at low volumes either. Given their large and deep chest cavities, the Neanderthal's voice was likely very, very loud with all the extra air support their bodies could handle.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The throat of a Neanderthal is shorter than that of a human, meaning a Neanderthal voice was likely higher. 00:16

  2. Neanderthals' voices would have been affected by their deep rib cages and large nasal cavities. 00:45

  3. This is what a Neanderthal may have sounded like: 01:51

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