This Is The Optimal Length For Chopsticks

This Is The Optimal Length For Chopsticks

Chopsticks are simple utensils that have stood the test of time. To investigate the ergonomics of this device, researchers looked into the optimal length of the chopsticks to be the most efficient for food serving. The results found that "food-pinching performance was significantly affected by the length of the chopsticks." The research was conducted on adults and children, and found that the optimal length for adults is 240 mm and, for children, 180 mm. This research suggested that restaurants carry 210 mm chopsticks, to consider ergonomics and cost.


Key Facts In This Video

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    Confucius is considered central to Chinese thought. (0:22)

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    Confucius' ideas preached ritualization of daily living, which includes eating. (1:58)

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    Chopsticks distances eaters from the animalistic act of eating, seeing as it does not involve using a "violent" knife. (2:20)

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