This Is The FBI's Most Viewed FIle

This Is The FBI's Most Viewed FIle

Of all the reports filed by the FBI, which do people want to read most? Apparently, it's not one about John Dillinger or Roswell-it's a file known as the Hottel memo. The memo dates back to 1950 and is only two paragraphs. The mysterious file, which was uploaded to the Vault (FBI's online database accessible to anyone with an internet connection) in 2001, was viewed two million times in just years. So what does it say? The memo was written by Guy Hottel, then head of the FBI's Washington field office. His report details an account supposedly given by an Air Force investigator who says he recovered a trio of flying saucers-with alien crew and all.


Key Facts In This Video

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    The FBI's digital reading room, where any FBI report can be viewed online, is called the Vault. (0:00)

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    The FBI's most viewed file details the account of an Air Force officer recovering three flying saucers in New Mexico in 1950. (0:44)

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    There are hundreds of reports in the "unexplained" section of the FBI's Vault about UFO and alien sightings that are more popular than the most famous criminal case files. (2:03)

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