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This Is The Fastest Bike In The World

This Is The Fastest Bike In The World

The fastest human-powered vehicle is... a tricycle? Technically, yes. Meet the sleek, futuristic VeloX 3 made in the Netherlands. The third model of the Dutch Human Power Team's record-breaking, high-tech bicycle, the VeloX 3, reached a speed of 133.78 km/h (83.13 mi/h) in 2013. After three years of testing the vehicle and tweaking its components, the Dutch Human Power Team broke the world record for the fastest pedal-powered vehicle. This unique bike is incredibly aerodynamic, designed to face the least amount of wind resistance as possible. The vehicle itself is completely man-powered; the vehicle generates speed by only the weight of the rider. This invention is meant to expedite travel in a way that would eventually reduce worldwide C02 emissions.

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  1. Every year, humans produce more than 34 billion tons of C02, of which, motorized traffic responsible for 14%. 00:35

  2. The high-speed recumbent bike Velotilt is still far from the mass market. 05:19

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