This Is NOT A Seagull

This Is NOT A Seagull

How many times have you called that familiar sea bird a seagull? Though you are colloquially correct, more technically speaking, the seagull doesn't exist. A gull is a type of seabird, but the seagull is technically not a name assigned to any specific species of bird. The word seagull is more of a common term to use in reference to a variety of gulls. Gulls are seabirds of the family Laridae in the sub-order Lari.

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Key Facts In This Video

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    The longest beach in the world is in Rio Grande, Brazil, and measures 132 miles. (0:17)

  • 2

    There is no bird actually named the seagull. (0:34)

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    North Sentinel Island in India may be the most dangerous beach on Earth. (1:22)

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