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This Is How Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Help You Understand Yourself

Jared Bauer, co-founder and head of content at Wisecrack, believes it's important to explore big ideas and meaningful topics through the lens of pop culture and media. On this episode of the Curiosity Podcast, the man who helped bring you "Thug Notes," "8-Bit Philosophy,""Earthling Cinema," "The Philosophy of Everything," "What Went Wrong?,""Show Me the Meaning!," and more joins the Curiosity Podcast to discuss how studying the humanities and understanding cinema and television shows (like "South Park" and "Rick and Morty") can enrich your life and make society better. Stream or download the podcast using the player below or find the episode everywhere podcasts are found, including iTunes, Stitcher, and Gretta.

Show Me The Meaning!

Wisecrack reaches millions of people monthly through its unique combination of humor, irreverence, and academic rigor. On this episode of the Curiosity Podcast, Wisecrack Co-Founder and Head of Content Jared Bauer discusses:

  • How you can enjoy your favorite movies and television shows more by better understanding the ideas they're trying to convey.
  • The importance of the humanities and what they can contribute to your life.
  • Why film is an important medium for communicating old ideas in a new way, along how to interpret those ideas.
  • What makes South Park such effective satire, and why Rick and Morty is so hugely popular with millennials.
  • When is a bad movie just a bad movie, and what we can learn from even the least intellectual on-screen media.

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Written by Cody Gough March 6, 2018

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