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This Is How To Look Legit While Tasting Wine

This Is How To Look Legit While Tasting Wine

When it comes to drinking and discussing wine, things can get pretty complicated. But there are some easy tips to help a wine-drinking novice look a little more legitimate. An easy tip with any wine is to hold the stem while drinking, as to not alter the temperature of the drink with the warmth of your hand. If the glass is stemless, hold it nearer the top away from where the wine sits in the glass. For pairing, people in the wine world may say "what grows together goes together," meaning wine made from grapes of a region will pair well with that region's indigenous cuisine. The more tips you know, the closer you are to being like a sommelier-but maybe not, seeing as there are only 230 people in the world who have earned the title of master sommelier.

Breathing, Pouring, Pairing and Other Interesting Wine Tricks

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  1. As a general rule when drinking wine, hold the glass far away from the where the wine is so you don't warm it. 00:17

  2. There are 230 master sommeliers in the world. 05:17

  3. Boxed wines are more eco-friendly than other wine packaging. 09:09

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