This Is How Soon You'd Die Around The Solar System

Earth is a beautiful place—and you'll certainly appreciate it more when you look at how long you would survive unprotected around the Solar System. Hint: There's nowhere besides Earth where you could survive any longer than two minutes. Mercury and Mars are the only places in the Solar System where you could survive as long as you could hold your breath. On the other planets and the sun, you would either instantly vaporize (on the sun and on Venus), or be crushed by the pressure of a gas planet. Sounds lovely!

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How Long You Can Survive On Each Planet

The Solar System is a brutal place...

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. On Mercury, the side that faces the sun is super hot, and the opposite side is extremely cold. 00:51

  2. The surface of Venus is 900 degrees Fahrenheit, hotter than a pizza oven. 01:11

  3. Jupiter has no surface to land on—you would descend into its gaseous atmosphere until you were crushed by the pressure. 01:54

Written By Curiosity Staff March 10, 2016