This Form Of Synesthesia Gives Numbers And Letters Personalities

This Form Of Synesthesia Gives Numbers And Letters Personalities

Ordinal linguistic personification, or OLP, is a form of synesthesia that has only recently been studied, and was formally named in 2007. People with OLP associate personalities with ordered sequences, such as numbers, letters, or days of the week. The 2007 case study of this condition recorded a synesthete's perceived "characters" for different sequences, noting that she thought of the number 7 as an insecure, masculine number, and June as a conceited, feminine month. The different parts of the sequences also had relationships with their neighbors: 8 was dating 9, and M often gossiped with N. The study concluded that this was indeed a form synesthesia due to the long-term consistency of the personalities described, and the involuntary way they always occurred to the synesthete.


Key Facts In This Video

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    1 in 23 people have a form of synesthesia. (0:26)

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    Synesthesia can manifest in several ways, affecting the senses of sight, smell, taste, and hearing. (2:02)

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    View a representation of what a synesthete sees across the night sky: (2:53)

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