This Flamethrower Was Designed To Fight Carjackers

According to its inventor, the Blaster was designed to shoot non-lethal flames that would blind a carjacker who got too close. The device was sold for $650, and the high price may have been its undoing. In 2001, after a few hundred Blasters had been sold, they were discontinued. However, they are perfectly legal to have on your car, and it's said that some vehicles in South Africa are still equipped with the pedal-operated flamethrower.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Blaster was operated by a pedal, or foot switch. 00:29

  2. The Blaster emitted liquid gas from four nozzles on the side of the car, which was ignited by a 14,000-volt spark. 00:39

  3. It's legal to install and use the Blaster in South Africa, provided that you activate it in self-defense. 01:11

Written by Curiosity Staff September 18, 2015

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