This Device Can Tell You What's In Your Food

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A little device in your pocket can tell you way more than the nutrition label on the foods you're eating. The SCiO by a company called Consumer Physics is a small, handheld molecular food scanner that can detail the chemical breakdown with a scan. It works on any material, not just food. The device flashes a beam of infrared light on the material, then uses a built-in spectrometer to analyze the light that gets reflected back. It determines the absorption rate, which is difference in every material, and cross references that with a database of materials. It will then send this information to your smartphone. Beyond food, SCiO can work on plants and medications as well.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. A company called Consumer Physics has created the SCiO, a molecular device that gives you a breakdown of what is in the material it is pointed at. 00:19

  2. The molecular food scanner SCiO can even gauge the quality of food you're eating. 00:59

  3. The SCiO molecular scanner can tell you the water levels in plants, so you can know when to water them. 01:12

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