This Critically Acclaimed Artist Was Secretly A Chimp

In 1964, one unsuspecting avant-garde French artist caught the eye of art critics. The name of the artist responsible for this impressive body of work is Pierre Brassau. However, that was not the artist's real name. The artist behind the work was actually a four-year-old West African chimpanzee from Sweden's Borås djurpark zoo. A Swedish journalist was behind the hoax; his plan was to put the chimp's paintings in an exhibition to put the critics to the test. Actually, the critic that praised Peter's art by relating it to ballet dancing stood by his rave review even after discovered "Pierre Brassau" was truly a young chimpanzee.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. An artist by the name of Pierre Brassau received rave reviews in 1964, even though he was secretly a chimpanzee. 00:17

  2. Peter the artist chimp preferred to eat cobalt blue oil paint more than other colors. 02:01

Written by Curiosity Staff January 4, 2016

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